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Global Horizons Incorporated exists to partner in culturally competent ways to support women, men and youth working towards transformation, social justice, and [ethnic, racial, and other forms of] reconciliation. We believe communities are the best agents of their own change. We promote sustainable change by partnering with projects that are locally-led, across the globe. Project leaders develop their ministries and carry out their missions, equipping others for reconciliation, and/or meeting local community needs. We believe this improves the quality of life, empowers, and increases capacity; building mutual trust and respect.

GHI works with seminary directors, pastors, professors and church leaders. We support them with encouragement, advisory committee development, and many other aspects of the development of their ministries. Individual ministries work within the directives of their board of directors and provide reports to GHI. All projects and ministries are consistent with GHI's mission to the call of reconciliation.

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