About Us

Our Vision

We envision an unparalleled state of giving — a Minnesota where innovative technology and creative ideas help each person’s generosity soar to its full potential.

Our Mission

We ignite generosity and grow giving. Using creative ideas and innovative technology, we connect more people with more causes than ever before.

Our Values

Operate from Abundance

GiveMN operates from a place of abundance, not scarcity, believing that philanthropy is not a zero-sum game and that our resources are best invested in ideas that ‘grow the pie’ and bring more people to the philanthropic table.

Connected to Community

GiveMN is accountable to and connected with the communities we serve, believing that our ideas are improved by listening and responding to the needs of our stakeholders and that when making strategic decisions, we will be informed by the organizations and donors we serve and the funders who support our work.

Equity in Action

GiveMN has a responsibility to actualize systems, practices, and services that create more equitable access to resources, acknowledging that structures of inequity exist in philanthropy. We apply multiple equity lenses to our decision-making and prioritize serving communities and individuals with less access to resources.

Courage to Try

GiveMN strongly values informed action over prolonged analysis and believes that the substantial change we want to realize in our state requires courage, innovation, and calculated risk. Our team is reflective and persistent in pursuing results and strives to learn from both our successes and our failures.

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The Amazing, Real-Life Story of GiveMN

What if giving was easier and more fun? That’s the simple question that launched GiveMN.

GiveMN launched in 2009 as a collaborative venture led by Minnesota Community Foundation and many other organizations committed to helping make our state a better place.

To generate excitement for our launch, we organized a little something called Give to the Max Day. That spark touched off an outpouring of generosity — $14 million in 24 hours. Since that trial run in 2009, Give to the Max Day has become an annual tradition. Every year thousands of organizations raise money to improve the quality of life in Minnesota and communities around the world.

We’re thrilled how Minnesotans have embraced Give to the Max Day. But GiveMN is more than a one-day giving extravaganza. We provide a giving website available year-round to link people with nonprofits and schools and make giving soar. Since 2009, more than 750,000 donors have given nearly $400 million to 14,000 nonprofits and schools using GiveMN.org.

And since 2015, we've been redefining the way we grow giving. Now that almost all nonprofits are raising money online, we are building programs and products to assist the nearly 70% of Minnesota nonprofits who say they aren't confident that their current fundraising efforts will allow them to continue to sustain their missions. That's why we created RaiseMN, a special initiative to help nonprofits grow their fundraising strategy and infrastructure. 

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