Children Treasuring Christ

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Global Horizons Inc. (GHI)
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The task of transforming a future generation: training parents to create Christ-centered homes


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Mission Statement: Transforming the children of Cameroon with the gospel of Jesus Christ through Christian education so that they may find their deepest purpose in treasuring and serving Christ above all things.

Update and Need: It has been a year since I returned to Cameroon and there is so much need in the Cameroon church for the education of parents to understand their role as the primary disciple-makers of their children and to be equipped for this task. As I follow God's call to transform children with the gospel through Christian Education I have started partnership with 5 churches, so far, to create an awareness of this need among parents and church leaders through seminars. Because French is the primary language in Douala (my base town) there is the need to provide translated material during these seminars.

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