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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency Incorporated
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Helping local schools pay off student lunch debt.


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$5,000 goal

For Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17, 2023, AEOA is raising funds to help pay off student lunch debt at the Rock Ridge and Hibbing School Districts. School lunch debt is unpaid meal charges that accrue in a student's lunch fund account. Our plan is to help decrease the amount of student school lunch debt at these schools, with the ultimate goal of achieving zero balance.
More than 9 million children live in "food insecure" homes in America faced hunger in 2021. That's 1 in 8 kids at risk for hunger. 

In a 2017 No Kid Hungry survey, almost 3 out of 5 low-income parents said it was difficult to afford food for their kids to eat after school meals. 

Single-parent families are more likely to face hunger because they need to stretch their income further.
For some kids, lunch at school may be the only and last healthy meal of the day. Kids who don’t get enough to eat — especially during their first three years — begin life at a serious disadvantage. Children facing hunger are more likely to be hospitalized and they face higher risks of health conditions like anemia and asthma. And as they grow up, kids who missed meals are more likely to have problems in school and other social situations. Children facing hunger may struggle in school — and beyond. They are more likely to:

  • Repeat a grade in elementary school
  • Experience developmental impairments in areas like language and motor skills
  • Have more social and behavioral problems

Mail or Drop Off a Donation:
702 3rd Ave S., Virginia, MN - or- 
2900 E. Beltline Suite 9, Hibbing, MN

Donations must be received by Thursday, February 23rd, 2023.
Random Acts of Kindness Day was initiated in 1995 in Denver, Colorado by a nonprofit organization called The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

Source: Feeding America, 2022

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