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This year, let's work together to provide life-saving care to more dogs and cats than ever!

Each year we spend about $400,000 on medical expenses to save the lives of as many companion animals as possible... because like you, we know they deserve a chance to be loved, safe, and happy.

This Give to the Max Day, help us raise the funds to help more puppies like Star, Sunday, Serius, Shade, Summit, Scout, Story, and Skye.

The eight tiny puppies were abandoned in an old rail yard. Each weighing less than three pounds, they should have still been nursing from their mom. Just a few weeks old, they were devastated, lost and alone.  Completely unable to care for themselves, their lives almost ended before they had a chance to truly begin.

But then, finally, a stroke of luck. Some kind workmen nearby heard the puppies’ bewildered cries and scooped them up. One especially compassionate man took them home where he kept them warm, safe, and fed overnight. In the morning, he brought them to our safe haven space in Kentucky, the Safe House.

At the Safe House, these tiny, exhausted babies received the love, care, and attention they need to finally grow healthy and strong. They were fed a special slurry every few hours to fill their bodies with the nutrition they were so desperately lacking. They were given warm blankets, good medicine, and fresh water, their every need attended to while they felt the love of caring hands for the first time.

When the puppies were finally healthy and stable, they came to Minnesota, where they entered loving foster homes–and all found homes and families of their own. These puppies will never know loneliness or fear again.

Your gift this Give to the Max Day will go directly toward giving a second chance to animals like Star, Sunday, Serius, Shade, Summit, Scout, Story, and Skye. Your gift will rid them of fear, hunger, and pain, and begin the rest of their lives as deeply loved and cherished family members.



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