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This year, let's work together to provide life-saving, critical medical care to more dogs and cats than ever!

Each year we spend about $400,000 on medical expenses to save the lives of as many companion animals as possible... because like you, we know they deserve a chance to be loved, safe, and happy.

Safe Hands Rescue is participating in Give to the Max Day to raise funds for saving more animals... like Elijah.

When we found Elijah at the shelter part of his back right leg was missing.  He had an open, infected wound where his lower leg should have been. He was underweight, in severe pain, sad and scared.  He had nowhere else to go.  The shelter had no budget for medical care.  He needed help fast and his leg needed to be amputated to save his life.

We rushed him to the vet for surgery, and as soon as he was cleared, brought him back to The Safe House to prepare him for his journey up north.  Elijah had a soft place to lay on warm blankets, he got good food and as much affection as we could shower him with. He'd been alone for so long, in indescribable pain, with little hope. Now, free from  suffering, he could begin to know what it means to belong, to be safe, and to be loved. He relished it!

The day came and we loaded the van with dozens of hopeful animals, including Elijah.  Soon he was in a loving foster home navigating his new life.  He had a great resident canine foster brother to show him the ropes. Soon, out of the sheer joy that can only come from a rescue dog, he had his first zoomies as a tripod! He soaked up all the love he could get and soon worked his charms with prospective adopters.  And it worked!

Elijah found the perfect home with loving parents and his own canine brother...who also has three legs!  They are a perfect match.

This new life Elijah has — a life without pain, fear, and loneliness — is all thanks to animal lovers like you. Many other rescues aren't able to take in dogs and cats that need intensive care, but Safe Hands Rescue was built upon the foundation of not turning cases like his away. This community was his last chance, and now he will live the rest of his days giving and receiving all the love he can.

Hundreds of companion animals like Elijah are saved by the Safe Hands Rescue community each year, and so many of them need major medical care to survive. What we do brings hope for animals and people. Together we can give even more companion animals what we desperately want for them all, hope; the chance for a better life filled with love and kindness.

Your gift toward our Give to the Max Day fundraiser will go directly toward giving a second chance to animals like Elijah. Your gift will rid them of fear and pain, and begin the rest of their lives as deeply loved family members.



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