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Make a gift so every animal can have a life like Betty's.

We met Betty on a trip to Spring Farm Sanctuary, where attendees learned more about the lives of farmed animals.

As you read this page millions of chickens like Betty sit in windowless sheds, unable to spread their wings. Hidden away, they’re unable to share their stories and create a movement for change.

That’s where Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA) comes in. We share animals’ stories on social media, in our e-newsletters, through year-round direct outreach done by our volunteers, and at Twin Cities Veg Fest.

By making a gift of any size you're helping people learn the realities of farm animal life, and how plant-based eating helps animals. And thanks to a special matching gift, your donation will go twice as far in reducing the suffering of animals like Betty.

We need you to be a part of this change. Your gift today means that together we can:

  • Increase the amount of plant-based food served by schools and institutions by supporting the growth of our Wholesome Minnesota program

  • Help people transition to veg living through our Explore Veg Challenge program

  • Continue to bring a growing number of people to Twin Cities Veg Fest (we welcomed 10,000 to the festival in 2019!)

  • Build partnerships that teach youth the how’s and why’s of plant-based cooking, increase food access, help end racial health disparities, and spread compassion for animals throughout the Twin Cities’

Your contributions help us to make these programs a reality. Read on to learn from our volunteers about the difference our work makes.

“I attended Twin Cities Veg Fest 2016. I spoke with vendors and individuals who opened my eyes to the cruel treatment of farmed animals. I decided to go vegan that day and it was the best decision of my life!”- Angelica Agents 

Angelica with her friend Amos of SoulSpace Farm Sanctuary

In 2018, Twin Cities Veg Fest became the largest vegan festival in the Midwest with over 9,000 attendees! But our work is even bigger than that. We’re creating a movement of change that expands day by day as we empower volunteers like Paige and Yunuén.

“CAA has made me a more confident advocate for animals. Meeting people who care so much and actively try to make a difference is so inspiring to me! I used to feel uncomfortable speaking about my beliefs to others and CAA gave me the knowledge and support to do so now. 

Being a part of the pay-per-view video outreach showed me how these videos, which show the realities of farm animal life, make an impact. Having conversations with people afterward and seeing how eye-opening it is, seeing people decide they want to live more cruelty-free shows how much of a difference CAA is making.” 
Paige Dispirito

Yunuén and her dog, Pinkie.

“Through volunteering at CAA, whether it be passing out leaflets, pay-per-view, or even cooking our famous vegan tacos, I have gained confidence in my beliefs. I speak out for my animal friends because THEY TOO deserve their voices to be heard. They need us, CAA, me, and YOU to speak up for them.” – Yunuén Ávila

By making a gift today, you speak up for the animals. Your donation helps us share animals’ stories, creating change from both individuals and institutions, as Abraham’s story shows.

“When I moved to Minneapolis, I knew very few people here interested in animal advocacy. Then, I found CAA. Through CAA, I met a ton of people doing awesome work for animals locally. Through volunteering and attending potlucks and dine outs, I met new friends who helped me maintain my commitment to animals! 

Through CAA, I've had the opportunity to talk about compassionate food choices with the public, lead events as a volunteer, and learn more about our food system. I love the training I can get as a volunteer, where I get to hear about the best ways to talk to the public about animals.

I've been impressed with how CAA has created change through its Wholesome Minnesota program, where they work to get large institutions, like school districts, reduce the animal products they serve. This program has not only gotten Richfield Public Schools to adopt a policy, it has created dozens of new leaders in new communities, who are talking to their own institutions about compassionate food choices.” 
– Abraham Rowe

Please click the donate button below, and share our work with your friends.

With the animals,

Laura Matanah

Executive Director, Compassionate Action for Animals

(612) 276-2242

P.S. Make your gift and then follow us on social @exploreveg to hear more stories of compassion and change from our volunteers! 

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