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Transforming Lives, Transforming Communities

Through our decades of experience working with communities, we've learned that creative expression is transformative.

The power of the arts can bridge differences, uplift people and communities, motivate change, and give voice to the issues of our time. Access to safe, equitable, affordable housing and workspaces for artists and creative enterprises supports a thriving economy, provides pathways for wealth-building, prevents gentrification-led displacement, preserves cultural heritage, and benefits the health and well-being of an entire community. Communities are stronger when, no matter what, everyone has a path to opportunity.

For decades, Artspace has been deeply committed to breaking down barriers and will continue to take a role in creating equitable solutions to housing insecurity.

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Who We Are

Artspace aims to create, foster, and preserve affordable and sustainable space for artists and arts organizations. Established in 1979, Artspace initially advocated for artists’ spatial needs in Minnesota. By 1980, it became the first nonprofit developer to fully integrate affordable housing development with creatives to address the continued displacement of artists from their communities.

Artspace also administers two key initiatives: Artspace Immersion and Pathways: A Native Space Initiative. Both programs aim to help arts organizations achieve space-related goals with equity at the forefront. Informed by a partnership with First Peoples Fund and Lakota Funds, Pathways specifically aids Native communities in creating cultural spaces. 

Our Track Record: Minnesota

For over 40 years, Artspace has met the space needs of Minnesota’s artistic communities by providing accessible working studios, art centers, and mixed-use residential buildings with live/work units for artists and their families. The impact of Artspace’s work does more than change spaces, it transforms the lives of artists by contributing to their socioeconomic well-being through opportunities that might not otherwise be available. Some creative landmarks include The Cowles Center for Dance & the Performing Arts in downtown Minneapolis and the Northrup King Building in the iconic Northeast Minneapolis Arts District.

Currently, we provide affordable spaces to over 900 artists, nonprofits, and creative businesses through a Minnesota portfolio that includes five mixed-use buildings in the Twin Cities, four mixed-use buildings in Greater Minnesota, eight single-family homes, and five art centers.

How You Can Help

Supporters are crucial to maintaining the five mixed-use buildings in the Twin Cities, four mixed-use buildings in Greater Minnesota, eight single-family homes, and five art facilities. These spaces offer housing, workspaces, stages, galleries, offices, and award-winning events that foster artistic growth and community engagement to ensure all Minnesotans access rich arts experiences.

Donations enable Artspace to support critical affordable housing needs, ensure the arts community thrives, and enhance local vitality through a robust creative economy.

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