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Do you remember a time when you didn’t belong, either as a child or an adult, or a time when you felt like the “other”? How have you watched the children in your life navigate the fraught waters of belonging in their classrooms, schools, and communities? What do you wish would have been different for you or could be done for children to create a world in which each person can reach their full potential because they are seen, heard, and valued for all of who they are?

AMAZEworks champions equity and belonging for all, and we know our work to create anti-bias educators and leaders is more important than ever. We are living in challenging times, polarized and divided across race, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, country of origin, religion, political beliefs, and occupations. We are seeing how the most marginalized communities across the country are also the most vulnerable and least resourced to prepare for, adapt to, and rebuild after the devastating effects of climate change disasters. And with the misinformation and disinformation around Critical Race Theory and other equity initiatives in schools, we are witnessing the dehumanizing rhetoric of the media and school communities that is targeted at educators and leaders who are actively working to eliminate racial and other disparities in schools. For the last 25 years and still today, AMAZEworks  strives to be a bridge to greater equity and belonging. Your support now is crucial. 

Our challenge over the past year and a half has been to respond to the changing landscape and needs of educators and schools that want to address the structures and systems of racism and oppression that keep us polarized, divided, defensive, disconnected, and dehumanized. To that end, we have continued to develop and refine our Anti-Bias Education (ABE) programs that support educators in navigating brave conversations about identity, difference, and bias with children of all ages in order to reduce bias levels in children and affirm healthy identity development. 

Our team is small but mighty and we need your help to continue growing. Help us meet the ever growing needs, challenges and opportunities for greater equity and belonging in our schools, organizations and communities. 

Thank you. For more information visit our website at


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