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Storytelling -- it's elemental to human existence.  And in times like these, theater and art may prove to be the path that allows us to talk about hard things.  Frank Theatre has never shied away from asking difficult questions and examining difficult topics.  

For nearly 35 years, Frank founder Wendy Knox has challenged her audiences to get curious and ask, "What's up with that?"  Whether it's examining British colonialism and the role of Christianity in Danai Gurira's "The Convert," to exploring the themes of justice and corruption in Friedrich Durrenmatt's "The Visit," Wendy is not afraid to let audiences reason things out for themselves.

Now, after a forced three year hiatus, due to the pandemic, Frank is back in the game. Knox has once again proven that she hasn't lost her touch with the world premiere staging of Trista Baldwin's "Fetal."  Need convincing?  Check out Arthur Dorman and Talkin Broadway's review here.

Still, even with this success, Frank needs your help.  Theater space rental costs continue to rise, as do the costs associated with mounting a production.  As Frank nears its 35th birthday, I can think of no better gift than a contribution from you.  Let's work together to keep this Twin Cities theater gem thriving and vibrant!

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