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We haven’t seen you for 18 months. We miss you!

How many times during this past year and a half have we heard “THE CONVERT was the last show I saw before the shutdown”? And, as many of you know, the Ivy Building for the Arts, which houses the Frank rehearsal space, was damaged by the fires that occurred as part of the unrest of spring 2020; the building has been officially closed while they make repairs and renovate the building. Thankfully, the Frank space was spared any damage, but with the building closed, we’ve been unable to use our rehearsal space. The Frank clubhouse has been preserved as a kind of time capsule for the past 18 months. Everything is just as we left it, including the multitude of crucifixes that adorned the set of THE CONVERT, still resting on the conference table where they were left after striking the set in March 2019. We miss it, all of it, and you, all of you.

During this past year, we’ve plugged away as best we can, as safely as we can. When one of our Frank mainstays bemoaned the loss of the deep, intensive, wide-ranging conversations that typically characterize a Frank rehearsal process, we instituted “Frankly Speaking: What’s up With That?” — our monthly Facebook Live conversation series. The series ran all last year, tackling wide-ranging topics such as whiteness in Twin Cities theatre, abuse of power in the theatre, white supremacy in philanthropy, the real-life implications of COVID-19 on the lives of artists, and many others. 

After a summer recess, we recently started up the second year of the series and we hope to chew on some more critical questions confronting the arts community. (Past episodes are archived on the Frank Facebook page and our website.) Look for us LIVE on the second Wednesday of each month on the Frank Theatre Facebook page—and join our email list at to get all the updates!

This past summer, we also did a series of story circles with residents and business owners along the Lake Street corridor, asking what they remembered from the unrest of last year and how they survived this past year. We heard some incredible stories and memories, and you could almost feel the healing that came from being able to share these insights with neighbors and friends. We’re hoping to do another round of these and who knows what will happen with them!

Frank is planning to be back on stage this upcoming winter/spring, depending on what happens with the ever-evolving virus situation. While we are itching to get back at it, we’re also keeping an eye on what’s happening with other theatres in the community and basing our decisions on that, the CDC and MN Dept of Health recommendations. Given that 3 theatres have had to cancel performances recently, due to COVID, we’re relieved we didn’t tackle a show this fall. But we are so hungry to get back in the rehearsal room, wrestle with a meaty text, and then get back with you, LIVE, in a theatre! Let’s hope that can happen as soon as possible.

We are so lucky that you all have stuck it out with us over this past year and a half. Our Board has been amazing, continuing to meet and help chart where Frank is going, and hanging in there while we have been unable to get up and dance on the stage. Our supporters have been AMAZING, continuing to offer support and well wishes, while we wait until it’s safe to get back at it. We’re so grateful for all of that!


"Watching Frank Theatre over the years, you can’t help but notice how often they do plays that they haven’t the size or resources to undertake. You also can’t help but notice how often they succeed with these impossible tasks." — Pioneer Press 

Your contribution helps us continue to create ambitious productions of challenging works in our feisty spirit that expand audiences' perceptions of our world and demand dialogue about social, political, and cultural issues. Please make a tax-deductible donation today. Thank you for your generous support!

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