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Thanks to a generous $30K matching donation challenge from the North United Methodist Church Trustees, your donations will not be matched dollar for dollar!  Don't miss out to have your impact doubled.

Hopewell loses home

Effective January 1, 2024, Hopewell Music will lose its long-time home at North United Methodist Church located on 4350 Fremont Ave N. The church was recently sold and the new owners have unfortunately decided to terminate Hopewell Music's long-term rental agreement with a notice to vacate in 30 days. Hopewell leadership and Board of Directors are actively searching for new space.

Check out local news coverage about Hopewell:

North Minneapolis music education nonprofit 

searching for new space after losing home

Help us raise $150,000 so we can keep sharing the JOY of music with our community!

"My family wouldn't have been able to afford music lessons without Hopewell," - Former student, current monthly donor, and new homeowner in North Minneapolis.

By the numbers

The demand for Hopewell Music continues to grow as 105 students are currently enrolled, with 64% of the participants living, working, attending school or church in North Minneapolis. Of the students enrolled in 2023, 67% receive a scholarship. All of our ensembles are provided at no cost to Northside residents. 

Hopewell Music’s community engagement has increased by 25% since 2022 and need for scholarships has increased by 31% in the same time. Music remains very inaccessible to those who can’t afford an instrument, much less lessons or music ensembles. Hopewell Music is one of the only nonprofit music organizations that doesn’t require burdensome applications to apply for financial scholarships. No one is turned away because they can’t afford our programs. 

Hopewell Music is governed by a BIPOC-led Board of Directors, with most members identifying as BIPOC. 

Our students love the community, music, and connections they build through Hopewell Music’s program. 

“We’re happy to be back this summer doing bucket drumming and youth choir! A library board member attended a bucket drumming session and told our staff, ‘This is the best music programming I’ve seen here after 10 years on the board.’” - Webber Park Library staff member

Hopewell shares the JOY of music in 20 community concerts and events in North Minneapolis annually, a valuable addition to North Minneapolis’ vibrant neighborhoods.

What’s the need?

Hopewell Music needs to raise $150,000 to cover moving expenses and 4 months of operating expenses during the transition. The team at Hopewell is deeply grateful to everyone who has supported the school since 2012 and is hopeful this important work may continue. 

“It’s heart-breaking that music programs in North Minneapolis continue to get the short end of the stick when it comes to stable space and financial funding. Hopewell Music has been fulfilling a huge need in our community with the love, sweat and tears of so many dedicated staff, teachers and volunteers since 2012. With all the vacant or abandoned spaces in our community, there’s got to be someplace affordable that we can find and breathe life back into with our wonderful, joyful music programs” - Jeannine Burnette, Board Chair and Northside resident.

Who is Hopewell Music? 

Established in 2012 as the only nonprofit dedicated to serving North Minneapolis families with music programs, Hopewell’s mission is to improve access to music education in North Minneapolis through affordable, inclusive, and engaging music programs.

A strong relationship with the community we serve makes Hopewell more successful at achieving its strategic goals to amplify the artistic excellence and joyful creativity of our community. Our 12 instructors deliver lessons on 13 instruments to students of all ages, with a 92% student retention rate and focus on individualized instruction for each student.

“I think Hopewell engrained the consistent arts flow in my life - looking for arts in the community, how to implement it in my life.” - Hopewell Alumni

Hopewell offers four intergenerational ensembles that are free and open to anyone in the Northside community so Northsiders can connect with each other through their shared love of music. 

Contact with any questions.

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