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All donations received for WASH-MN through Native Governance Center will go toward direct support for WASH-MN. 

We Are Still Here - Minnesota (WASH-MN): is a special initiative of Native Governance Center, a systems change- and justice-focused nonprofit organization.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to spotlight and make visible the lives and contributions of Native American peoples and their governments in Minnesota today because we are still here. We will do this by challenging and correcting false narratives, replacing fiction with facts in K-12 Education and finding solutions for issues impacting the Native American community. 

Our Work 

The ground-breaking Reclaiming Native Truth (RNT) public opinion research released in 2018 shows that the invisibility and inaccurate representations of Native peoples in media, popular culture, K-12 curricula, policy and practice, and philanthropy creates damaging misperceptions and stereotypes leading to bias, discrimination and structural racism towards Native peoples.

The RNT research also points to new strategies; levers for change; momentum within Indian Country and with allies; and significant interest among diverse sectors of the American public to access new, contemporary representations, and voices of Native peoples as a means to overcome invisibility and toxic, existing narratives.

As a result of this research, there was a call to action, to use this research data to change the narrative. Native leaders and allies responded to the call with We Are Still Here Minnesota.

The Task Force

We will focus on Governance & Policy, K-12 Education, Pop Culture & Media and Philanthropy to revitalize Native American lives and strengthen our Sovereignty. By networking with Native Americans in all communities and areas of expertise, we will embrace the true narrative, revitalize our original instructions for living, and honor our rich history in Minnesota. We can reclaim, rebuild and breathe life into a vibrant future in Minnesota and beyond. The larger community will know we are still here.

WASH-MN Task Force objectives are to: create visibility and connectivity for this work in Minnesota; formulate strategies to connect everyone within the State; advise and make recommendations on how to create a sustainable project that will allow WASH Minnesota to push initiatives forward in the hope that the research will lead to tangible change.

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