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We’re cultivating a Native nation rebuilding movement and working toward a future where all Indigenous people can thrive on their own terms. Will you join us?

Who we are: Native Governance Center is a Native-led nonprofit dedicated to assisting Native nations in strengthening their governance systems and capacity to exercise sovereignty. 

Who we serve: We support grassroots Native changemakers, elected Tribal leaders, and the 23 Native nations that share geography with Mni Sota Makoce (Minnesota), North Dakota, and South Dakota. We also create educational resources and host community events that are open to all, regardless of geographic location. Our educational programming reaches diverse individuals across the nation and world, each working to be better relatives and accomplices to Indigenous people.

We're building a movement: We’re working to cultivate a Native nation rebuilding movement; we envision this movement leading to a future where all Indigenous people can thrive on their own terms. We see abundance, restoration, community building, brainstorming, and centering Indigeneity as elements of this new future.

Our on-the-ground experience and our deep understanding of academic research tell us that Native nation rebuilding is a powerful strategy for transforming lives. The rebuilding framework consists of five research-based strategies for strengthening Indigenous governance. Native nations with stronger governance systems are better able to use their sovereignty to determine their own future and improve their quality of life. 

Our work: We deliver programming across three areas: Leadership Development, Tribal Governance Support, and Community Engagement. 

Leadership Development: We provide leadership development training for Indigenous changemakers through our Native Nation Rebuilders program.

Tribal Governance Support: We engage elected Tribal leaders, administrators, and citizens in strengthening their Tribal governance systems.

Community Engagement: We bring mission-driven, accessible, educational content to the broader community.

Our Impact: In 2020, we expanded our impact through community engagement events, tribal governance assistance, and leadership development. Here’s a sample of what we accomplished:

  • 7,000 People educated through community engagement events.
  • 1,800 Tribal citizens reached through facilitated election candidate forums.
  • 33 changemakers received transformative leadership content as Native Nation Rebuilders.

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