Complete Repairs to Duluth Horse Trail!

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Duluth Area Horse Trail Alliance
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We have one last soggy section of our newly repaired, newly reopened Ely Peak Loop in Duluth.


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$1,500 goal

Donations to the DAHTA page will also go to this goal!

Update posted 5 years ago

We have some donations coming through this page, which is awesome. We also have donations going directly to the GTMD general page for our group. Also awesome. And all funds will go toward this trail repair goal. Thank you!!

Help us raise $1,500 during Give To The Max Day!

The Duluth Area Horse Trail Alliance worked diligently with other community partners, the City of Duluth and equestrian organizations to finally get the needed repair work done to reopen a beautiful a trail for horse riding. This trail is in Duluth Minnesota's lovely Magney-Snively Natural Area, and it's a treat for trotting! BUT, there's one muddy, mucky section that the funds didn't stretch far enough to repair. This will cost an additional $6,500. The Minnesota Trail Riders Association will generously provide $5,000, but our small organization must cover the additional $1,500. Help us raise that money and then come ride with us! (Picture above is a repaired portion of the trail. Nice, eh?)

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