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Spectrum Connections will improve the lives of transition-aged youth on the Autism Spectrum.


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John has been looking for a software programming job since he graduated with a computer science degree in 2016.  Breaking into a competitive field is a challenge for anyone, but John is on the autism spectrum.  He says that all parts of a job search are a huge challenge for him --  "putting himself out there" to find  good job leads, make conversation with people in the industry and get realistic information the work environment in different kinds of companies.  He's especially unnerved by job interviews.   He comes across to potential employers as stiff and unapproachable because he finds it impossible to answer open-style questions and he usually avoids eye contact 

500,000 adults on the spectrum will age into adulthood in the next 10 years. Yet 85% of college graduates on the spectrum are unemployed, compared to the national unemployment rate of 4.5%.

Spectrum Connections will offer services for young adults like John who struggle to connect with employers.  Services will include customized instruction to build self-advocacy and conversation skills as well as coaching supports for students navigating post-secondary degree programs.

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