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LNA’s Sustainable Membership Program provides an easy, safe, and reliable way to support Lyndale.


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LNA’s Sustainable Membership Program allows LNA’s supporters an easy, safe, and reliable way to financially support their neighborhood organization.  The program will provide LNA with a consistent and predictable level of support that will help support our efforts to create a safe, vibrant, sustainable community by helping us develop strong year round programming, by increasing the support we receive, and by helping balance our cash flow throughout the year.
There are a couple of reasons LNA is starting a sustaining membership program. The first is that the amount of public money for neighborhoods is set to dramatically decline over the next few years, which means we are going to be a lot more reliant upon contributions from people in the neighborhood to be able to continue having the same level of programs and activities we have today. The second reason is that we think sustaining memberships will be easier for donors, who can just a set amount they want to give and have it automatically deducted from the credit/debit card of their choice. It will also be a lot easier for LNA, because we’ll know how much people are planning on giving and when they are planning on giving.

LNA works hard to be the go-to resource for the neighborhood. During the past year we have continued to strengthen our neighborhood to make sure community members have the ability to keep their neighborhood safe, influence development in the neighborhood, and build connections with each other.
 You contribution to LNA helps to make sure your neighborhood organization can continue to:

  • Keep the neighborhood safe through programs like the Lyndale Bike Cops and the Lyndale Walkers.
  • Encourage community led events like the Lyndale Garden Tour, Random Acts of Kindness, and Litter Outta Lyndale.
  • Hold fun community events like Fish Fest, La Posada, Summer Sampler, Concerts in the Park, and the Open House which bring community members together to get to know each other and strengthen our community.   
  • Bring together the neighborhood’s youth providers to expand out-of-school programming so Lyndale youth have safe spaces to enhance their knowledge and skills.


Questions about LNA's sustaining membership program should be directed to Sarah at 612-824-9402

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