Safe Hands' 15th Birthday!

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Safe Hands and I have a birthday on October 7th. Yay! Let's celebrate by saving more animals!


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Turns out that Safe Hands Rescue and I share a birthday! They are turning 15 years old, and I'm turning... a bit older! For their birthday and mine, I'm raising funds to help them save more animals. My goal is to encourage 15 people to donate $15 each (and some generous people are matching your donations!)! Together with 100 more animal lovers like me, we're hoping to raise $22,500 for this rescue that is near and dear to my heart.

15 years ago, when Safe Hands' founder, Lynne, emailed and asked if I would foster a dog, I said "Yes!" I then learned of the amazing gift of fostering and animal rescue. 

The past 15 years are proof that when a community of animal lovers comes together and unites under a common goal, great things can happen. Great things for dogs like Norman. 

Norman was found hopelessly stuck in kudzu vines with no way to free himself. We're not sure how long he was trapped. Struggling to get free only tangled him more, but still he tried. When we finally broke him loose from the vines it was clear why he was stuck... his fur was so matted that it felt nearly solid to the touch. It took 2 hours to shave him, but through it all we saw nothing but gratitude and love from this big sweetheart. Then, when his x-rays came back, we were even more astounded at Norman's ability to love despite what he's been through. He'd had a broken foot and pelvis, and both had poorly healed themselves before we found him. He had been in immense pain and still all he wanted was love. 

15 years of stories like Norman's precede that fateful day when he was found. And even as he settles into his loving foster home, learning what it's like to be free from fear and pain, we know there are so many more lives to save.

Safe Hands Rescue gives homeless animals a second chance at a forever home and family all their own. If you have a fur baby, you know that we don’t just rescue them…they rescue us too. They bring happiness, make us laugh and give us comfort. We give them the best days of their lives and in return they give us the best days of ours.

That’s why I’m celebrating Safe Hands' 15th Birthday by raising funds. There are so many more companion animals like Norman, ready and waiting for one more chance to love and be loved. Your gift today will save lives. Will you make a $15 gift today to help rescue more dogs like Norman?

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