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I've fostered over 50 dogs since joining NDLB. Please help me support the cause I love!


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If you know me, you know I LOVE dogs! Dan and I have fostered about 50 dogs since joining NDLB in 2017! Pictured is Soba, our most recent foster pup. Soba was rescued from a commercial breeder. Friends, I’ve seen a lot of dogs come through the doors of NDLB. Dogs from lots of different places. But I will NEVER forget the first time I worked intake on a large breeder release transport. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see dogs of all ages carried off transport matted, filthy, and covered in fleas in ticks. Most cower in their kennels as they are terrified since they have never been out of a cage or stall. Most have never walked on grass. In their foster homes they may go for days without eating or urinating. Many arrive with severe health issues. I sobbed for hours after leaving my first breeder release intake. But the good news is, these pups are now safe. They will know a warm home, good food, quality veterinary care, and a loving family. But commercial breeders aren’t the only place NDLB gets dogs. We pull from local shelters, area reservations, and work with cooperating rescues to transport dogs to Minnesota from over-crowded parts of the US, and all around the world!

In year 7 with NDLB, I’m currently working as an Adoption Coordinator. It is truly a gift to be able to help these deserving pups find their happily ever afters! I frequently get asked about adoption fees. Y’all, rescue is expensive! Aside from the usual costs attached to alters, vaccinations, and microchipping, many dogs come in needing extensive vetting! From broken bones, to amputations, to dental extractions, these dogs accrue a lot more costs than their adoption fees could possibly cover! Not to mention the costs of medications, preventatives, supplies, warehouse rents, and insurance! Donations from generous donors like you help us say “yes” to dogs in need even when we know they will need extensive veterinary care. 

Today I ask for your help. Dan and I have fostered over 50 dogs for NDLB. My fundraising goal is to raise $20.00 for each dog we’ve fostered. That’s $1000.00! Can you help? Please help support me in my goal, and help NDLB keep saving lives - one dog at a time.

Thank you!

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No Dog Left Behind

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