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Through surveying our clients, we are able to receive a deeper understanding around why families choose our program and why they have a need for technology. The personal success stories truly illustrate the long-term effects a home computer, internet service, and digital training can have on a family. In 2019, the top 5 computer uses and testimonial examples were:

1. Career related activities: I was able to support myself and my mother, and eventually gain the skills necessary to be able to become her caregiver. I would not have been able to complete my training as a caregiver were it not for the computer I purchased through PCs for People.

2. Social connection: My disability makes it hard to connect with others or do much outside my house. I was depressed and felt useless. With a computer and internet, I now have my blog, can connect with others, shop, and pay bills without help.

3. K-12 and College school work: My computer allowed me to help my daughter graduate from high school. Before that I had no tools to help her but she did it! I am so proud of her!

4. Access to healthcare services, records, & telehealth: It has tremendously helped me with my rehabilitation after suffering a stroke. I can communicate with my doctors and work on rehab tasks with my computer.

5. Access to support services: I was able to keep up with my affordable housing search and application process. Able to handle things quicker and more professionally when applying for medical and financial resources. I have worked my way out of government assistance. I thank PCs for People for the tools that gave me empowerment to support my family.

Thank you for helping us to bridge the digital divide!

Access to a computer and reliable internet is an essential need in today's world, required for work, education, healthcare, and more. However, it is estimated that 42 million Americans lack broadband internet service and 41% of low-income Americans do not own a home computer, limiting their ability to access vital resources and opportunities. 

This is where PCs for People - Minnesota comes in! As a nonprofit, we provide affordable computers, internet access, and digital skills education and support. We operate with a social enterprise model, charging only a nominal fee for technology for eligible clients. Nearly 60% of our clients have never owned a computer before and over 80% do not currently have one at home. We source our computers by refurbishing donations through no-cost e-waste recycling from businesses and individuals nationwide. This not only serves our community and these businesses, but also the planet as all computers are refurbished or responsibly recycled. No landfills here! 

Our low-cost and no-cost computers are distributed to individuals, families, and nonprofits through online and in-store retail, community events, and our network of over 1,400 government partners. We are also actively growing our reach as an internet service provider to reach underserved communities across the U.S. We offer internet service for $15/month or free through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), with no contracts or credit checks.  

Now, this is where you come in! With financial support from donors like you, we can impact even more individuals, families, and communities in our Minnesota region and beyond. Donate today to help us bridge the digital divide and help more people get connected and access the resources, education, and community they need!

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