Invigoration is expressed in many words.

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Supplementary Angles of Community Services

People like to say that times are changing, but they are changing slowly for those in poverty.


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Today, we like to say times are changing. That is true, but they aren't changing very much for those living in poverty. Poverty is a devastating situation. It affects men, women, children, pets, friends, enemies, neighbors, towns, communities, cities and countries. It knows no age limit and it is largely ignored in today's lifestyles that are constantly changing. It creates a sense of hopelessness, fear, anger, confusion, bitterness, loneliness despair, health issues, homelessness, frustration, chemical dependency, crime and death. And it exists because society as a whole does not understand it, feels helpless to do anything or just plain ignores it. Supplementary Angles of Community Services believe that providing the philosophy of invigoration brings about many needed changes. Let's begin acknowledging that poverty exists, and we can do something meaningful to make a difference. Needy people have dignity. Supplementary of Community Services is striving to help them keep it. They are depending on us, and we are depending on you. Helping others is a big load to carry but the load gets lighter when we work together.

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