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Our mission of invigoration is to transform the heart of the community through compassion, decisive action, and building relationships. We strive to demolish the cycle of structural dependency by providing essential services and hope to families and individuals. These services are based on the need of senior citizens and individual loneliness that is everywhere in our society today. Our Center is a place in which people can meet and greet each other. They form friendships. In the process, they are able to browse while selecting items for the needs of themselves and others in their lives. They go on to swap items as they visit and know more of the needs of their friends. We offer referral services as needed and bring in licensed guests to address concerns of my clients through scheduled meetings. We are always listening and answering questions in order to help our clients. We have learned that these two things have done more in our mission to make a difference in the lives of people than many of the other helpful helpful tools that we use. 

Our work is a 'work that goes on and constantly adjusts to the times in which we are living'. We cannot stagnate in any way if we are to continue moving and growing with the needs of our clients, for to do so limits our goal of making a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of those we are serving.

We have chosen over fifty words to express the one word of INVIGORATION, but we are going to list ten of them for you; revive, boost, infuse, impel, embolden, awaken, motivate, lift, stir, charge.

So you see, we do more than hand people a bag then see them out the door. We do more than interview them as to how we can help them, then pass them on down the conveyor belt of community service and humanitarian aid.  We go farther, deeper and higher.

Please consider our work as you consider what can be done to help somebody who is alone and lonely.  Think of the homeless, the senior citizen and then please give generously.

On face book, you can see our pages Invigoration and Supplementary Angles of Community Services. Then on YouTube you can see our Video. 

In the process of Invigoration, we hope we have awakened you to our work and the needs we strive to fulfill, we wish to impel you to jump on our band wagon as we motivate others to charge forward and not be afraid to be revived. In Invigoration, there is a great need today to boost the sluggish  enemies of hopelessness, lift and stir up sagging spirits and last but not least, embolden and infuse new life into our ever moving and changing work of compassion.

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