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Supplementary Angles of Community Services
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Our mission will always be one in which we strive to provide the basics and address issues of social concerns to families and individuals.


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Invigoration is expressed in many words

Update posted 2 years ago

We are going to choose one of the words that strongly defines the mission of invigoration in 2021. !Recharge! Our organization was affected by Covid 19 as well as so many others, in which our work slowed tremendously in order to prevent infections among our clients. It meant we had to find ways of staying alive for those we served while cutting back in what we could do for them, but we did it and like a starting up train, once again, we are picking up speed. We are recharged and our clients are too. They are hopeful that we can help them. And we are hopeful that you will continue to support us generously as we 'set off' again in the work of invigoration.

In 2012 I coordinated a program in North Minneapolis. One evening after hurrying to leave I left my big old handbag. When I arrived the next day, I saw that although it was left on the top step in FULL VIEW of the street, it was untouched. Except for a little dampness, the rain didn't cause any damage either. When the program ended for me, I went back to leave my keys. While waiting alone an unidentified man came around the corner. As he approached, I became nervous but he looked me in the eyes, smiled, and spoke. He recognized me. He was a recipient of INVIGORATION. INVIGORATION had made a difference in that neighborhood. It is still a rough neighborhood but the people there continue to let me know whenever and wherever they meet me that they appreciate the work that was done for them, their families and friends.

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