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Frank Theatre has been on hold since Covid, but we are BACK and more BOLD than ever!


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Friends! Please support FRANK THEATRE on GIVE TO THE MAX as we RETURN TO THE STAGE for the first time in 3 1/2 YEARS!

I joined Frank three years ago after seeing WENDY KNOX at where else... THE VIKING BAR! RIP Viking Bar :( But I instantly realized that Frank was the place for me. Wendy shakes the cage in everything she does and pushes the audience and performers beyond their comfort levels to the point where they learn something knew about live theater and themselves. I'm damn proud to be a FRANKER and I know the important work of highlighting a variety of social, political and cultural issues will continue.


Frank is staging its first play in 3 1/2 years (!) - the world premiere of Trista Baldwin’s new work - FETAL.

FETAL is set on the precipice of the end of federal abortion rights in a Houston clinic on the day the Dobbs decision is announced, overturning Roe vs Wade. Three women, from differing journeys, ages and circumstances, await their appointments, with the same reason. A clinic worker shares her story of a harrowing childbirth, which nearly took her life—in a country that has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world. FETAL is an unfiltered exploration of women’s physical realities, encompassing a kaleidoscope of reproductive journeys, intended as a love song to the body and a howl for freedom.

But as Frank's return to the stage REVS ON, we need your help! For the past two years FRANK has been putting together monthly discussions on Facebook Live called "Frankly Speaking: What's Up With That?" These are conversations that drive Frank's work - issues that the arts community are currently wrestling with. 

This year, Frank celebrated its 34th anniversary! WOW! 34 years of producing smart, challenging theatre that includes world premieres, musicals, area premieres, a lot of Bertolt Brecht, some stunning performances staged in the least likely venues, and plenty of food for thought. 

Keeping the lights on for a small, rough and tough theater company during a pandemic has been no easy task, but WE DID IT! AND WE ARE SO EXCITED TO PUSH ON AFTER OUR 1ST SHOW IN 3 1/2 YEARS!!!

Any help you can offer to help us get to the strongest possible position to do so will be greatly appreciated!

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Lucas Erickson - Frank Theatre Board Chair

P.S. Pictured below - WENDY KNOX breaking through a fence

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