Deena's Northwoods GTMD23 Fundraiser

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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Northwoods Humane Society
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I'm delighted to invite you to join me in supporting Northwoods Humane Society for GTMD23!


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I've had so much fun looking through old pictures for this fundraiser and please know I've spared you many, many, MANY out-of-focus photographs taken when the arrival of my first camera and first kitten coincided (but not all)! At this time of year, I know that you receive countless requests for support and, nevertheless, I hope you'll consider supporting an organization that, each year, helps more than 1300 pets find new, loving families or find their way back home after being lost. Either way, I want to hear about your favorite pet memories and if there are blurry photos to share, all the better! 

  Moki c. 1981

This fundraiser supports

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Northwoods Humane Society

Organized By Deena Anders

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