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Keep the lighthouse beacon lit for generations to come with a new, energy efficient beacon!


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Ever since the beacon went dark November 25th, 2019 the Lake County Historical Society (LCHS) has been working to re-light the beacon at the iconic Two Harbors lighthouse located on a rocky point between Burlington and Agate Bays. Since 1892, the Two Harbors Lighthouse has been guiding ships into the Agate Bay ore docks. This station now operates as the Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast year round and as a museum during the summer months and is still used as an aid to navigation. 

In 2000, when the lighthouse was transferred to LCHS,  a DCB 224 beacon was installed in the lighthouse with help from the United States Coast Guard. This beacon was originally built in 1969 and was re-purposed from another lighthouse prior to installation at the Two Harbors Lighthouse. 

For the past 20 years, LCHS has been managing the beacon with the help of 4 volunteer lighthouse keepers. The beacon has had to be repaired and modified many times. On November 25th, the beacon had a failure that could not be repaired.

“The Two Harbors Station has been the oldest, continuously operating lighthouse on the North Shore.” State Ellen Lynch, LCHS Executive Director.  “As a visible symbol of Two Harbors and a fixture on the north shore for over 125 years, it is integral to continue to operate the lighthouse so future generations can connect with the vibrant history of the lighthouse and our community.” 

On July 11, the four volunteer lighthouse keepers will be working to remove the non functioning DCB 224 beacon. This is a major step in re-lighting the Two Harbors Lighthouse. 

In July a new Maxiluna-300 beacon will be installed. Visitors will note the iconic light sweep will be replaced with a flashing beacon.  This beacon will be on loan for five years and meant to be a temporary fix while LCHS pursues a long-term replacement. 

“This is not a long term fix.” stated Lynch “We are working on a long term solution to bring back the original light sweep and signature that belongs with our lighthouse.”

To accomplish the long term goal LCHS needs to raise $40,000-$50,000 to fully replace the beacon and modernize the lighthouse.

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