Filtered Hope Cafe for Aged-Out orphans

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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Legacy Refuge

Impact vulnerable youth through coffee!


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We envision a world where every community uplifts their vulnerable youth, welcoming them into environments where they can heal, grow, and thrive.

Imagine vibrant spaces where empathy, care, and human potential intersect. Where skilled artisans pour hope and vision into broken souls, one coffee at a time. Where people unite to walk alongside hurting youth with wisdom, patience and trust, illuminating the path forward.

Picture inspired young leaders emerging, filled with purpose and resilience. Watch them uplift others, launching bold new ventures to provide opportunities where few existed.

Envision a global tapestry of such communities, woven together by shared values of acceptance, justice and love. Dedicated hearts and hands cultivating a better future, person by person and place by place.

This is the world we strive to create. Join us in sowing seeds of change that can root deeply and grow exponentially. With hope as our compass, empowerment as our cause and God's redemptive grace as our firm foundation, we can transform lives, revive communities and brighten the world, one heart at a time.

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