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Hopefully, you ended up on this page because you clicked the donation button on one of the GeoMoose Project's related websites. If it was on, then you know the story of why you want to donate to the world's best geospatial data integration software. In that case, you can just jump over to the right side bar and contribute to an account fenced by SharedGeo for the exclusive use of the GeoMoose Project. 

However, if you ended up here on a quick scan of giveMN's charities, we can't encourage you enough to check out to learn about how this public service project has grown from humble beginnings at the City of St. Paul, Minnesota, into software used by hundreds of units of government around the world. But if time available means that won't work for you, here are some highlights:

  • GeoMoose allows communities, nonprofits and professions with limited funding to place their geospatial information online for free,
  • Because it is web based collaborative GIS software - team members can create, share and analyze geospatial data simultaneously in real time,
  • GeoMoose can be hosted locally, in the cloud, or through several different Software-as-a-Service providers,
  • It works on any web enabled visualization platform - touch screen functionality with 3.0 or higher,
  • GeoMoose users retain exclusive ownership of their data without any annual fees,
  • Its fully compliant Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards architecture ensures an incredible range of maps, data and real-time feeds well beyond the capabilities of many commercial platforms are easy to add,
  • GeoMoose is released as Free and Open Software (MIT license) so code can be modified locally to support community or industry specific needs without paying additional fees to a commercial vendor,
  • It is one of only 21 pieces of software officially sanctioned by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) for worldwide release, and
  • In 2013, GeoMoose won the highest geospatial award in the state of Minnesota - the Minnesota Governor's Geospatial Commendation Award.

Naturally, like any project which benefits the public good and has been made available at no cost, the bills must get paid somehow. That's where YOU come in. By donating to the GeoMoose Project, you aren't just contributing to software development, YOU are simultaneously contributing to a whole host of efforts which make our world better every day through visual sharing of geospatial information:

  • Where is the nearest food bank?
  • What is the plan for the park behind my house?
  • Who else lost power in the storm and when will it come back on for me?
  • Where is the nearest fire station?
  • What types of crimes are happening in my neighborhood and where are they taking place? 
  • What is the selling price for property in my neighborhood?
  • And much, much more...

In short, GeoMoose is an incredibly versatile and powerful way for communities to become better through collaboration and sharing of spatial information online.

So please donate TODAY to help protect the GeoMoose's "critical habitat" and keep this software AVAILABLE FOR ALL to use for FREE!  

Every contribution helps, no matter how big or small!  THANK YOU!

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