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Creating Technologies Behind Life Saving Response and Much, Much, More...

Since 2008, SharedGeo has been developing and promoting geospatial technologies which make "where" in emergency response much more accurate and effective. From responding to flooding in the Red River Valley of the North in 2009, 2010 Haiti Earthquake, 2017 hurricane disasters in the United States and Puerto Rico, or other more recent disasters, SharedGeo developed geospatial technologies have been in use.

But disaster response is NOT the only way SharedGeo works to deliver on its mission, "to help government, nonprofit, education, and corporate entities use mapping technologies and share geographic data for the public good."  Some others include:

  1. Serving as lead sponsor of GeoMoose (, FREE geospatial data integration software used by hundreds of units of government around the world,
  2. Collaborating with the EPA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, University of Minnesota and others to develop Great Lakes Basin wetlands time change analysis that is of benefit to planners, scientists and legislators,
  3. Serving as administrative and IT service coordinator for geospatial educational events like the 2011 Twin Cities GECCo, 2013 FOSS4G-NA, and 2016/2018 Upper Midwest Geospatial Conference, and 
  4. Providing consulting services to organizations looking to use geospatial technologies to improve delivery of services, reduce costs for taxpayers and save lives.

In many cases SharedGeo services are provided at little or no cost to entities serving the public good.

SharedGeo provides this incredible range of services by devoting over 95% of the funds it receives directly to project support, while simultaneously keeping overhead and administrative costs to under 5%. That is an AMAZING track record of fiscal stewardship which has been made possible by an incredibly dedicated leadership team and many employees who freely donate their time!

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