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The 42nd Annual Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign runs through April 9th. Help fill the Food Shelf!


raised by 26 people

$100,000 goal

From 2021-2022, We served 1,200 more households and 100,000 more pounds of food...

The need in Duluth for our food shelf has been on the rise and we need your help. We have seen a big increase in the amount of food our community needs.

  • 2021: 448,000 lbs of food served. 4,850 Households Served.
  • 2022: 572,000 lbs of food served. 6,000 Households Served.
  • That is an increase of 22% in total food served, and a 20% increase in households served.

We need your help to serve this community

We need your help to serve these people. Late last year, our shelves were looking completely empty. As soon as the food came in, it was placed in a box and given to a family. We had almost nothing on reserve that we typically do. Things like cereal, peanut butter, and tuna were in short supply.

Luckily, many people just like you helped out and we were able to get these shelves filled. The work still never seems to stop. With these numbers growing in the last few years, we need to do as much work as possible to make sure we can continue to keep Duluth fed.

We need to raise $100,000 and collect 50,000 lbs of food.

And we can't do it alone! We envision a Minnesota where all residents have access to healthy food and no one suffers from hunger. The annual Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign, now in its 42nd year, addresses those issues directly, and we'd love to have you join the fight against hunger. 

What are we about?

The philosophy at the Chum Food Shelf is to provide as much fresh, healthy, and nutritious food as possible to our clients, while also supporting local businesses. 

This year our goal is to raise $100,000 and 50,000 pounds of food to stock our shelves, and we can achieve that success in this campaign with your help.

So what do we need? More money, or more food? We need both, but the Chum Food Shelf can do much more with money. As a member of Second Harvest Food Bank, our money goes much farther than at the local grocery store. For every dollar donated, we can buy $3 worth of food!

Please donate today, and Thank You!

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