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Join Us in Ending The Rising Numbers of Homelessness in Duluth

Across the nation, an unprecedented rise in people experiencing homelessness has left hundreds of people with no choice but to sleep in unfit conditions every night. Duluth is no exception. Chum's shelter is overflowing, leaving people to sleep on floors, under tables, or with no shelter at all. When someone pitches a tent in the city, it's not because they prefer it – it's their last resort.

A Beacon of Hope

Chum works tirelessly day and night to provide shelter, food, and support for those in need. Our Street Outreach Program, led by the dedicated Deb Holman, is on the front lines. Our outreach workers meet face-to-face with those experiencing homelessness, ensuring they have essentials and the necessary support to find stable housing.

We Need Your Help

Our mission is clear, but there are limits to what we can achieve on our own. We urgently need your support to ensure that no one has to endure the harsh realities of sleeping outside in the cold. We're determined to hire more outreach workers to reach those without anywhere else to go. Duluth's most vulnerable residents need us, and without your support, we can't reach them all.

Help Us Reach Our Goal

By contributing to our organization, you can help us expand our Street Outreach Program. With your support, we can ensure that everyone routinely camping or sleeping outside will receive the services they need to find housing, employment, and recover from the trauma of homelessness. 

500 Strong

We're boldly setting a goal of recruiting 500 compassionate individuals like you - one person for each of the 500 people routinely sleeping in places unfit for human habitation. Their lives literally are at stake.  Your contribution will bring one of those 500 in from the cold of Duluth's harsh winter.  As you're moved to give, please also rally 5 like-minded people to join you in saving 5 other lives. Together, let's put an end to Duluth's rising homeless crisis by offering vital support to those who need it most. 

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A Challenge to Change

We challenge all of our donors to contribute $100 to bolster our Street Outreach Program and enlist 5 friends to do the same. With your help, we can expand and enhance this program, making a significant impact in our community. To see the stories of change we've already made, please explore our outreach stories on the next page.

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