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Your gift ensures that we can continue protecting and preserving pollinator habitat.

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Hello Friends and Family - as many of you know I've been serving and working with Conservation Corps for over 20 years and truly believe in our mission.  The Corps has allowed me to combine my passion for conservation and education to make meaningful change in our environment and provide an opportunity for thousands of other young people to have an experience like I did.  I am focusing my campaign on generating as many donors as possible this year - no gift is too small and I am hopeful our collective action will yield meaningful results.  Please help out in anyway you can and always feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions.  Thank you for considering a donation to help Us expand Our monarch habitat initiative.

Pollinators are responsible for assisting over 80% of the world's flowering plants to reproduce. That makes it pretty simple--we need pollinators to sustain our ecosystems and natural resources. 

One of the most remarkable, vital, and well-loved pollinators is the monarch butterfly. Our native ecosystems have co-evolved with monarch butterflies and rely on monarchs for reproduction. But the monarch population has declined more than 80% over the past two decades.

That’s why Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa has launched the new Monarch Habitat Project. The Monarch Habitat Project is designed to gather the data we need to protect and restore vital habitat that supports monarchs and sustains our native ecosystems. And we need your help. Will you donate today to help preserve and protect pollinator habitat in the Midwest?

For nearly forty years Conservation Corps has made it our mission to engage youth and young adults in meaningful service, leadership development, and environmental stewardship throughout the Midwest. We train and support the next generation of environmental leaders. That’s why we’re proud of the young people leading this project. They are making real change that will support the long-term health of our native ecosystems. “The most meaningful thing to me is feeling like I am actively making a difference. I am fighting for monarchs because they are important pollinators and can't speak up for themselves,” shares Katelyn, current Corpsmember with the Monarch Habitat Project.

Your gift ensures that we can continue protecting and preserving pollinator habitat while supporting the next generation of environmental leaders. 

Protecting the monarch population right here in the Midwest is crucial, as most of the monarchs that arrive in Mexico were born in the Upper Midwest. These monarchs make the journey to Mexico and overwinter as adults. The following spring these Midwest-born adult monarchs will begin to fly back to the United States to breed, perpetuating the existence of the species—and our native ecosystems.

Current Corpsmember Katelyn says, “It means a lot when programs are started by the grace of people who just want to help an insect population because they can. It gives me hope that people are starting to care and that this program will hopefully grow because of it.”

This work is more important than ever, and you can make a difference with a gift today. Join us in our efforts to protect pollinators!

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