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This is my personal fundraiser to support Clean River Partners. Donations are essential to our work!


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Minnesotans love Minnesota. Chances are, if you ask someone what their favorite thing is about our state, their response will lead back to water. We drink it, rely on it for recreation, feed our crops with it, and use it in many different aspects of our lives. The thing is, though, that everything we do on the land shows up in our water. Every day, pollutants enter our water from farm practices, lawn care behaviors, or salting streets in the winter. Although that problem sometimes feels too big for one individual to tackle, there is something everyone can do to contribute towards a watershed with healthy soils, drinkable groundwater, and clean, fishable, and swimmable rivers, lakes, and streams. 

Clean River Partners works with the community to keep the water clean so we can enjoy the Southern Minnesota landscape, filled with wide-open prairies and idyllic river valleys.  We’re educating our community about protecting the watershed and working with farmers to implement conservation practices that improve soil health and drinking water quality.

Just this year, we've made an incredible impact on the watershed. In June, we opened the Koester Prairie Wildlife Management Area near Nerstrand. We worked with over 260 volunteers to clean up the Cannon River watershed in September. And we’ve achieved a 55% reduction in stream nitrate concentration in the Rice Creek subwatershed by supporting farmers in deploying conservation agriculture practices. And your support continues to drive this work forward.

Every dollar donated up to our $2,000 goal will be matched by our Board of Directors. Please help us get there!

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