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After nearly 50 years, Lake of the Woods County Historical Society needed a new roof on our museum.


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$10,000 goal

Lake of the Woods County Historical Society was founded in 1965 and our museum was built in 1978. In 1989 and 2014 additions were built on to the museum. For the last few years, however, the roof has been leaking - each year we find new leaks. As such, we needed to replace the roof. 

This was a large expense for a small non-profit so we are asking for your help. Thanks to generous donations and community participation, we were able to raise almost 60% of the original $94,000 cost. The museum covered the remaining part. However, once work started, we found out it would cost an additional $16,600. This year we are raising money to cover that additional expense.

In the last few years we have been working towards revamping our exhibit space. After three successful phases, largely grant funded, we are waiting to hear if our final grant is approved for the last phase - construction and implementation. 

In order to not have the new displays ruined, we knew we needed to replace the roof first. 

As a repository for the county's history, Lake of the Woods County Historical Society is a place where people can remember their past and teach younger generations about the history of this great county. We hope you can help us reach our goal!

Below are some pictures of the leaks caused by the former roof - which thankfully has since been replaced!

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