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Help our sick and injured pocket pets receive the care they deserve by making a donation today!


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Supporting Pocket Pets in Need

Today is a big day for MN Pocket Pet Rescue because we have just 24 hours to raise $4,000, and we need your help! 

MN Pocket Pet Rescue is on a mission to secure $4,000 to cover the costs of tumor removal surgeries for four rats in our care, as well as the cost of wellness exams and urgent medical needs for our pocket pets for the rest of 2023. Can you help us get there? 

Anyone who donates $20 or more will receive a special edition sticker as a token of our gratitude!

No matter how tough the times get or how high the vet bills are, we do what we need to to ensure our pocket pets are as healthy as possible. And we couldn’t do it without you.

Who is Minnesota Pocket Pet Rescue?

MN Pocket Pet Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer-run, foster-based organization committed to the rescue and adoption of small animals in Minnesota. We rescue and find good homes for the following 11 species:  chinchillas, rats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, mice, gerbils, hamsters, degus, sugar gliders, and hedgehogs. 

We are 100% volunteer-based and have no paid staff. Our rescue animals are cared for in private foster homes where they are properly housed and receive love and socialization. MN Pocket Pet Rescue provides all foster homes with the housing, food, bedding, and enrichment needed for their foster animal. 

During a pet’s stay with a foster from our rescue, we cover the cost of all intake exams, treatment for any illnesses, and necessary surgical procedures (such as tumor removal surgeries). All procedures are completed through our trusted veterinary partners at Maplebrook Pet Care Center, Como Park Animal Hospital, and other local clinics. 

As a rescue, we place a great deal of importance on educating the public. Through education, people learn which pocket pets are appropriate for them, what supplies are needed, proper handling, and valuable tips and tricks to ensure happiness and safety for both the owner and their pocket pet. We believe that by emphasizing education, we can help prevent animals from being re-homed and keep people and pets together!

We have worked hard on developing our Trust Training Program, which brings shy, traumatized, and even aggressive animals out of their shells and into happy, healthy lives. 

You can find more information at

We rely 100% on individual donations from the public to continue our operations. 

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