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OutFront Minnesota
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I am fundraising for OutFront Minnesota, the state's largest LGBTQ+ advocacy organization.


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I am fundraising for OutFront Minnesota. This past year, they

  • ENGAGED over 10,000 voters in the 2022 election
  • SUPPORTED 5,000 educators and LGBTQ+ youth 
  • ENSURED SAFETY for 290 LGBTQ+ victims/survivors 
  • BANNED Conversion "Therapy"
  • PASSED Trans Refuge Bill

OutFront Minnesota is important to me, because...

OutFront has supported me countless times over the past 5 years and continues to show support for my life, goals, and successes. OutFront had provided me support through my Title IX complaint, filing for a discrimination complaint with the Minnesota Human Rights Department, and has connected me to supportive staff who engage in one on ones with me weekly to check in about mental health, advocacy, and weekly life updates. I’m incredibly thankful for this organization, and I wanted to extend my thanks towards those who’ve supported me and continue to support my trans self. Please consider making a donation on behalf of me and my experiences and stories, so that other LGBTQ+ and queer and trans folks can access the same support I have. Everyone deserves love and support, and you can be a start to that chain reaction of good. Many thanks again to OutFront and staff for making Minnesota a safe, equitable, and restorative place. Happy Pride!

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OutFront Minnesota

Organized By William Rosin

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