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My festival story

Update posted 2 years ago

Ten years ago I was raising two young children while working a corporate job that was chipping away at my soul.  Each week I’d look at all the exciting events of the weekend, wishing I could take part.

Then I saw Twin Cities Veg Fest coming up on the calendar. I found childcare and I went.

I found an incredible plant-based community making a difference for animals, human health and the planet.

I saw that making a difference was possible, and I started to make changes both for myself and the world around me. 

Every year people have transformations like this one. We know from our surveys that they have their eyes opened by farm sanctuaries, discover they like vegan food, and want to continue their involvement in our community. 

The festival costs over $60,000 to put on, and exhibitor fees don’t cover all our costs. Please make a matched gift today and help someone else have a transformative experience like mine. And if you already have made a gift, thank you!

After that first Twin Cities Veg Fest,  I started volunteering with CAA. I was on the team that launched the very first Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge. 

Today I work as CAA’s Wholesome Minnesota coordinator, and get to support school districts in adding plant-based items to their menus, sparing thousands of animal lives, helping to end climate change, creating culturally inclusive meals, and improving our young people’s health.

I’m so grateful for your participation in our community, and your support.

Jodi Gruhn, Director of CAA’s Wholesome Minnesota program

P.S. We need about 100 gifts to unlock our $1,500 match, so please make yours today!

This is the 10th Anniversary of Twin Cities Veg Fest!

"At Twin Cities Veg Fest I saw that I could make a difference for animals and people by advocating for plant-based eating. I found my purpose and it changed my life." - Jodi Gruhn,  Director of CAA's the Wholesome Minnesota program and former CAA volunteer

You'll help 10,000 people move toward a more compassionate lifestyle when you donate and towards our goal of 10,000 by August 31--and you'll help us unlock $1,500 in matching funds!

Make a monthly recurring gift and get a Fastmeal. That means you get to skip the food line at Root to Rise, Trio Plant-Based, or Vegan Byy Nature AND get a free meal at the festival!

Every donor who gives by 1pm on August 20 will get a chance to play our 10th Anniversary Quiz and be entered to win a Twin Cities Veg Fest Tote!

We’ve always made the festival admission free, and we want to keep it that way. That’s where you come in. We need support from individuals like you to help make this festival experience available to everyone AND help continue to grow our compassionate community in  the Twin Cities and beyond. It’s needed now more than ever!

Please make a gift in any amount today to support Twin Cities Veg Fest this year.

Twin Cities Veg Fest

Sunday, September 18, 2022

10am – 4pm 

Harriet Island Park

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