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Who We Are

When Minnesota faced a farming crisis that threatened to break the economic backbone of our region, we went to work—empowering our neighbors to overcome barriers to meaningful work and well-being. Thirty-seven years later, strengthening our region through philanthropy and planning remains our reason for being. 

What We Do

Image: Alex Blondeau, Windflower NativesWe believe that a healthy, sustainable planet is one where all people belong and can live together in peace and prosperity. To that end, we align and activate our work around climate change. Together with paleBLUEdot, we developed a Climate Action Plan for west central Minnesota, designed to spur regional climate action. This regionally relevant plan serves as a roadmap to address climate issues now and for future generations.

Support Our Region by Donating to Our Native Plants Project

This year, our campaign is to support the goals of the Greenspace and Trees section of the Climate Action Plan. Through funds raised, we will help communities in our region plant native grasses and wildflowers. We want to offer plant kits with native species curated for town and urban settings for the spring planting season. Native plants provide habitats for birds, butterflies, bees, and other wildlife, promoting biodiversity. Once established, native plants seldom need water and can prevent erosion. People, pollinators, and the planet will enjoy this gift of vibrant blooms, lush ground cover, and dramatic prairie grasses.

Will you make a gift to provide native plants to your favorite west central Minnesota community?

A gift of $180 would support a kit containing 50 native plants, suitable for covering about 100 square feet. Your support is the key to cultivating a greener tomorrow and strengthening our local communities.

Make a Gift to Our Native Plants Project

Support Your Community by Donating to a Component Fund

As a regional community foundation, we establish and manage dedicated funds that address specific charitable needs in our region. We call these funds “component funds” because they are part of our mission. Component funds allow advisory committees to focus on the charitable need and leave the administrative tasks to us. This partnership ensures local needs are met and all financial transactions meet state and federal guidelines. Along with these community-based funds are project-specific funds, education funds, and organizational funds. Donate to your favorite component fund for Give to the Max Day below!

A vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable world starts here in west central Minnesota. Donors like you help to make it possible.

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