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TWO WHEEL VIEW creates opportunities for young people to learn and practice lessons in leadership, health and wellness, self-esteem, achievement and environmental stewardship through bicycle education programs and volunteer service trips.

Volunteer Service Trips: Two Wheel View offers a grass-roots approach to responsible travel that empowers students, cultivates their leadership skills and allows them to gain valuable experiences and make meaningful connections. Two Wheel View volunteer service trips align with school and youth organizations curriculum and goals.

TWO WHEEL VIEW believes that all youth should have the opportunity to expand their physical and cultural boundaries. There are many youth, due to financial or social limitations, that are never exposed to what may provide the greatest source of learning – real life experiences that bring home valuable insights, logical steps for positive change and the opportunity to build important resiliency skills. 

By exposing young people to new challenges, other cultures and diverse environments through an intense hands-on experience, TWO WHEEL VIEW believes we can open young people's eyes to new ways of thinking and positively impact them to create positive change in their own lives and communities for the future.


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