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The Guiding Star Project is a nationwide family of care centers that empower women with a whole-life approach to healthcare that honors their minds and bodies. We facilitate cooperation between compassionate care providers to serve women and families in a growing community of convenient, professional, welcoming locations. We are the “new norm” in wholistic women’s healthcare. 


The Guiding Star Project is a women’s movement and a wholistic worldview that educates and empowers women with a whole-life approach to healthcare that honors their natural bodies. The Guiding Star Project was conceived in 2007 by founder Leah Jacobson from the conviction that women of all ages deserve better than the current standard of mainstream women’s healthcare.


Advancing a wholistic feminist worldview by elevating women's healthcare through our affiliated clinics nationwide.


Every woman is created good, but she’s been silenced, ignored, and taught to distrust her body through healthcare, education, and the media. We counter these systemic threats by educating on and promoting women’s integrated health and wellness in alignment with her authentic biological nature. We see women’s true needs, affirm their fears, and advocate for societal change to help every woman be happy and whole.


We believe the attitudes about women's bodies must change. The messages about women and family life must change. Women's healthcare must change. We are here to be the beacon of light proclaiming that women's bodies are beautifully created. Our goal is to empower, and enrich for and women from ages nine to ninety-nine by teaching them to embrace their natural gifts of fertility. We will do so through our four core pillars of service.  All women deserve to know their bodies are good.


Our nationwide family of care centers offer healthcare services from ages 9 and beyond through all stages of life. We empower women with a whole-life approach to healthcare that honors the body and mind. Our community focused centers bring together the balance of traditional modern western medicine and wholistic natural healing inspired by the east to bring a complete perspective to woman’s healthcare. Our core service areas are, but not limited to; Natural Fertility + Family Planning, Pregnancy + Child Birth, Breastfeeding + Postpartum, and Family Life Resources.


We plan to focus on recruiting existing pregnancy care centers in states where abortion is no longer readily available and expand them into full Guiding Star women's healthcare facilities. We plan to focus on the 22 states that have enacted strong state laws to deter abortion and establish a center in each of those states in the next 5 years. We then plan to grow our movement by expanding the reach of Guiding Star to 50 centers across all 50 states in the next 10 years.

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