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Last year was challenging.  The amount of animals and people needing help was alarming. We should have slowed down our intake but......

we didn't.

We said "yes" because we saw a desperate need for help in Minnesota than ever before.

There is even more need this year. 


Our work is more important than ever.  We focus our efforts locally. We have seen a huge uptick in owners unable to care for their pets and rural areas being hit hard with pets in crisis. We expanded our owner surrender program and outreach to help more rural areas that need us. Above is prep for help we provided on White Earth Reservation. 

In 2020 we helped 9 shelters. In 2021 we have helped 18 rural shelters.

We do not judge.

We accept pets that truly need us, ones often deemed unadoptable.

We take the hard cases; medical and behavioral. 

We go where we were needed most, local rural shelters, marginalized areas, people, and neighborhoods in crisis.

As of November 1 2021, 683 pets at risk have found a safe place to land. 

These  are often unadoptable or hard to place pets; needing medical attention or behavioral training. They find love in our foster homes. 

We work to rehabilitate the ones that need us most giving them the support they need to become a loved family member.

619 pets have been adopted!

158 pets whose owners needed help found Pet Haven this year. We provided peace of mind their pet is safe and will find a loving home.

This is work worth doing!  

You are key to helping us protect these animals and helping the people who love them. EVERY gift of support makes an impact on our ability to help.

In 2020 844 pets were rescued and we placed 766 of them into loving homes: 215 dogs and 551 cats.

That was 240 more than in 2019! 

We expect to save over 1,000 this year. 

This is direct result of the crisis our local community is facing. 

Since 1952 over 23,000 pets have found homes through Pet Haven.

Why Your Help Matters:

  • We Save Lives

  • We are not afraid to take risks and invest in the animals in our care

  • Your precious dollars go directly to animal care, not administrative costs

  • We treat every animal at Pet Haven as FAMILY and provide a safe, loving, compassionate, and kind home to recover in.

  • We provide all the necessary medical attention ensuring a healthy adoptable pet ready for their forever family. We take hard cases.

  • We make sure that every dog and cat that is adopted from Pet Haven is not only healthy but happy too

  • We provide behavioral training to support a well-adjusted companion animal ensuring their next home will be a forever family

  • We provide before and after adoption support to ensure the animals new home will be a forever home

  • We provide grant funding  rescues for spay and neuter programs reducing overpopulation

  • We support partnerships in the animal welfare community

  • We are professional and supportive 

  • We support our community through our volunteers

  • We take pride in the work we have been doing over the past 68 years!

If they could talk what would they tell us?

Every animal has a unique story and not all of them start out well. Many come to us shut down emotionally or in need of medical care or behavioral training. They may not have had the best start in life but your support ensures a happy ending for the more than 800 companion animals who will find their way home through Pet Haven this year.  Our network of over 400 foster volunteers provides safety, security, and a warm home full of love and compassion.

We have only a small staff and mostly volunteer-based organization, our overhead is extremely low. 100% of the money received through donations goes directly and exclusively to animal care! (Our limited overhead is covered by adoption fees.) Thus your contribution makes a huge difference in the lives of these animals in need. You can change lives for the better. 

We hope to raise $25,000 on Give To The Max 2021.  With your help, we can! 

 This amount will keep us saying "YES" to animals and people who need us most.  

This will be life-changing for the animals you help us serve


We are committed to spay and neuter programs that help to stop pet overpopulation and reduce the number of unwanted animals. In fact, Pet Haven was the first organization in Minnesota to require spay/neuter prior to adoption. We also provide grants to Minnesota-based animal welfare organizations to support their community spay and neuter programs. Since 2005, Pet Haven has provided more than $250,000 to support these programs altering over 5,000 animals across the state of Minnesota.

All animals adopted through Pet Haven are spayed or neutered prior to adoption and up to date on all vaccinations. 

          Fostering saves lives.

Support is critical to our ability to continue to help animals in need. Our animals thank you, and we thank you.  We deeply appreciate any amount you can give.                                

Help us give them a chance at a better life and quality medical care during Give To The Max 2021.

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