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Donor Support Provides Hope for Families in the Communities We Serve.

           NO LIMITS!  It’s What We Believe! 
         It’s What We’re Developing In Our Community!

Close your eyes and imagine…. Imagine you never have to worry about access to nutritious food. The best education is at your fingertips. Unlimited internet connectivity on proper devices is accessible to you so you never have concerns about applying for a job or getting a callback. Imagine owning your own business because you have developed the mindset of an entrepreneur. You are creative, courageous, resilient, optimistic, and persistent. You have empathy and adaptability. You have NO LIMITS! It’s about access. It’s about equity. It’s about hope. It’s about moving forward in a way that builds and seeks the best for ones self and for the greater community! When that happens, we have NO LIMITS!

Where We’ve Been

Founded in 1980, Mount Olivet Lab School began as a grassroots organization housed in the safety of the Historic Mount Olivet Baptist Church as an opportunity for outreach to enrich the lives of youth and families. It evolved community and founders saw an opportunity to bridge the gap in educational, social and economic differences and the disparities that tend to divide. Lab School ensures the healthy academic, social, physical and cultural development of children, youth and families in the Summit-University, Frogtown and Thomas-Dale neighborhoods of St. Paul. Our goal is that program participants (most of whom are from low socio-economic backgrounds or at-risk for violence and teen pregnancy) receive every advantage to make them better students, healthier beings, well rounded and giving individuals with purpose and a desire to make not only their community, but this world a better place for all.

How We Have responded During COVID-19
Like many organizations, the traditional programming Mount Olivet Lab School has been severely impacted by the current pandemic. However, this  became an opportunity for our organization to do even greater work in the community we ramped up meal production and safely began to operate what has been our Kids Cafe for the past 20 years as the MTO Grab n Go / Curbside Café which now averages 300 participants each week. Not only do we serve site-prepared meals, groceries, fresh produce, and food shelf items, but we also answer the call to provide those in need with basic needs and COVID-19 PPE. 

Lab School sees the need in the communities we serve. We meet families where they are and nurture their potential. By having constant positive contact with the kids/families in our community, we are able to not only encourage their success, but help them develop tools to be successful in any of life's situations. We believe that with success comes obligation to give back. So we are helping our participants become leaders who give back to their community and to those who need encouragement along the way.

We believe that every child has potential, every child can have a bright future and every child can achieve greatness.

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