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Memorialize the Movement (MTM) is a living archive dedicated to collecting, preserving, and activating the plywood protest murals that were created during the Minneapolis Uprising of 2020 and beyond. By providing space for youth, artists, and our BIPOC community to heal, reflect, and learn, MTM seeks to address the issues of police brutality, community safety, and representation for Black and Brown creatives and conservationists. Our mission is to collect, preserve, and make accessible to the public the protest art that emerged following the Minneapolis Uprising of 2020. As this project continues to grow, we find ourselves in need of a larger more permanent space. 

If you believe in our vision and want to support our work, we encourage you to donate to help us get this space. 

What we strive for at Memorialize the Movement:

Advancing Justice

  • Connecting the murals to the larger issues surrounding race, police brutality, genocide, and systemic oppression 

  • Empowering youth and creating a future generation of leaders by providing tools to navigate and challenge systemic racism 

  • Keeping momentum for Black Lives Matter and the movement for anti-police brutality 

  • Advocating for an accurate narrative of racial justice through educational workshops 

Building a New Structure

  • Creating a new model for the way history is preserved and taught

  • Cultivating BIPOC representation in conservation and history

  • Advancing ownership of the Black narrative in this ongoing fight for justice

  • Speaking out against the privatization of historic artifacts 

  • Breaking down the current system of historical oppression through lectures, seminars, and conferences

  • Centering Black history as public history 

Uplifting BIPOC Artists and Creatives 

  • Providing a safe space for youth and creatives to create and exhibit their work

  • Facilitating upward mobility for BIPOC artists through compensation and visibility

  • Encouraging youth to use art as a creative outlet to process trauma, complex emotions, and the state of the world


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