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Little Earth of United Tribes is a housing community in the East Phillips neighborhood of South Minneapolis.  Founded in 1973, Little Earth is the only American Indian preference public housing community in the United States; in our two and a half block radius, we represent over 38 different tribal nations. See our profile in the New York Times for a deeper understanding of the realities facing urban-based Native Americans

Little Earth Residents Association (LERA) is governed and led by the residents of the Little Earth of United Tribes community. Our organization is completely invested in the well-being of every community member that comes through our doors. This year, our vibrant community has had to face many struggles, and LERA has adapted to meet these constantly changing needs. 

Little Earth has shown their resilience and their commitment to holding the community and their home at the highest value. Through COVID-19 and standing for Justice for George Floyd, the residents of Little Earth have shown they will stay committed to caring for everyone, even while their community experienced unprecedented levels of unrest. LERA has continued to support the Little Earth residents through it all, and we continue to adapt to support both the immediate and long term goals of the residents. These are just some of the services and programs LERA has been able to provide this past year to assist with the growth and safety of the Little Earth community:

  • Elder assistance, such as medication pick-up and daily meal deliveries;
  • On-site school assistance with homework help, tutoring, school supplies, and advocacy;
  • Youth mentorship programming;
  • Little Earth Urban Farm;
  • Resident housing advocacy;
  • Peacemaking for conflict resolution and eviction prevention;
  • Virtual “Kitchen Table Talks” with residents to maintain collective efficacy and community engagement;
  • Pop-up pantries to provide food and personal care items.

We are asking for your continued support to keep our community’s resilience and actions of love moving forward during these difficult times and into the future. With your donation, we can continue to provide these services and programs. 

Chi-Miigwech! Wopida! Thank you!




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Significantly impacted by pandemic


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