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Restorative Justice is an approach to justice which involves the victims, the offender and the involved community.  It is a diversion program away from the traditional court systems, designed to give a 'second chance' to the offender and a 'voice' to the victim.

Why is Restorative Justice Important?

  • Victims are provided an active voice in the justice process, expressing feelings and receiving answers to questions regarding the harm.
  • It helps offenders understand the impact of their actions on the victims, their families and the community while being held accountable for the harm caused in a direct and timely way.
  • The community is involved and engaged in finding solutions to the harmful behavior and can help reintegrate the offender into the community.  

Why is restorative Justice important to our community?

  • Victim Involvement- The victim(s) and family have the opportunity to express feelings concerning the impact of the harm, to the offender and community.
  • Improved Accountability- Offenders are expected to face those harmed and are held accountable in meaningful and constructive ways.
  • Improved Completion Rate- the offender is more likely to complete restitution or community service.
  • Reduced recidivism- Studies have shown these type(s) of projects result in a reduction of repeat offenses.
  • Community Participation- Participants are given the opportunity to discuss the harm's impact and collectively decide how the offender can make amends and help reintegrate the offender into society.
  • Cost Effectiveness- With the assistance of volunteers and community members, this project operates at a fraction of the cost of a court process.

Overall, research has shown both victims and offenders have high levels of satisfaction with the process and the outcomes.  The process validates the victim's feelings and promotes maturity in the offender to help with future decisions.


The Lakes Area Team Of ChangeMakers 

Over the past two years we have been building a team with a diverse background and experiences, juveniles and seniors and every age between. We have also helped many individuals with criminal history find a place to make a positive impact in their community,  discovering their worth and value and using their personal journey to truly impact the clients we serve, to help them see the potential negative impact of choices,  bit also that you can move past, repair the damage,  accepting accountability and through our program identify strengths,  interests and identity,  utilizing all of it to propel each of them towards their goals, career path and opportunity zone!

If you have a desire to be part of the CHANGE you can join this team as a volunteer, donor or both! It takes a community to create change and this is your invitation!


Below is a video from an individual who had a passion to make a difference through videography


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