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Harrison Neighborhood Association: A Place of Growth & Power for Northside Leaders

The Harrison Neighborhood Association (HNA) is the officially recognized resident participation group of the Harrison neighborhood. Created in 1986, HNA has been a place for residents to gather, create, celebrate and build with one another. We serve as a space that fosters community-driven solutions to community identified issues. At HNA, our core values of racial & economic equity, shared power, and mutual accountability are woven through our work. Join us in creating a peaceful and prosperous community- your voice will be heard and your leadership will be supported.

Every contribution, big or small, makes an enormous difference in our work. Without your support, we would not have knocked the doors or the entire neighborhood twice last November and had record voter turnout in Harrison. Without you, Basset Creek Valley would not have been cleaned. Without you, Van White Memorial Bridge would not exist. Without your leadership Harrison would not be at the epicenter of major development between the Blue Line LRT and Southwest LRT, both of which would have bypassed Harrison and all of North Minneapolis.

Now is the time for use to dream big. Your Give To the Max Day contribution
will go to the creation of a Harrison Farmers Market and CSA as part of our community gardens program. Every household in Harrison has the right to healthy, fresh and affordable food, and we are so excited to be working with you to make that possible.
Together, we will create a vibrant and resilient Harrison for years to come. We invite you to become part of that by making a contribution that is meaningful to you for Give to The Max 2015.  Thank you so much from all of us at Harrison!

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