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The Glen Lake Accessibility Project’s goal is to create a new and more accessible playground that features a wheelchair swing and merry-go-round on the Glen Lake Elementary upper playground. These features will create equitable play opportunities that will grow connections and friendships for our students who use wheelchairs, and their peers. They will also greatly enhance the recess and general outdoor experience for our students who use wheelchairs. Engaging all of our students in the rich opportunity to play together is central to our mission. 

So far, with the help of Hopkins Education Foundation, Hopkins Public Schools, and the Glen Lake PTO, we have $100,000 towards our project. We have a large dream for our playground, and whatever amount we reach, is the playground we will create. The total cost of JUST the wheelchair swing and merry-go-round is $135,000. We've created 3 wish amounts.

  • Raise $35,000 - This will fund a wheelchair swing and merry-go-round
  • Raise $150,000 - This will fund a wheelchair swing, merry-go-round, AND poured in place rubber throughout the playground allowing students in wheelchairs to move around freely throughout.
  • Raise $300,000 - This is our DREAM big wish! Our 5/6 student leaders would love to design an entirely new accessible playground with access to more equipment. 


ANYONE and EVERYONE who donates anything will have their name displayed on a large plaque in the school!

Donations at the $500 level will have their name engraved on the side of the merry-go-round.

Donations at the $5000 level will have their name engraved on a welcome plaque displayed on the playground AND a small plaque with character/animal including your name, that is hidden throughout. Think Hide & Seek activities for students!

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