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Julio's Story

Julio S is a 15 year-old much like any teenage boy enrolled in High school in his native city of Arequipa, Peru.  

He loved soccer and being with friends.  

It was determined at birth that he had a “heart murmur “. Over the years he developed progressive shortness of breath and congestive heart failure. He could not play soccer, his favorite sport anymore. At the age of 13  he was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect- Ventricular septal defect-(VSD) and his family was told that he needed a complex open heart surgery to survive. The doctor recommended having the surgery sooner than later, but the cost of the procedure for the family was impossible to afford. His family income is less than  $4000  a year. He does not have health insurance or any government supported financial aid. Open heart surgery was out of reach for Julio.

In April of 2013 he was referred to the Honorio Delgado Regional hospital where his family was told “a group of Doctors from the USA comes every year to fix heart problems”. Julio was evaluated by Dr. Cesar Bocangel- a local pediatric cardiologist- and was screened for surgery to be performed by Cardiostart International during its 2013 Humanitarian mission. In October, CardioStart performed a successful ventricular septal defect repair using an extracellular matrix membrane. His postoperative recovery was uneventful and he returned to school in 4 weeks.  In 12 weeks he was playing soccer again with his friends. 

Now at 16 he has one more year left until he finishes high school. He desires to continue his education and eventually go to medical school.  “Cardiostart International gave me a second chance to live and now I want to be a doctor to help others as they did for me”.

In 2013 Cardiostart International performed 12 lifesaving cardiac surgical procedures in patients that otherwise would die without treatment. 


Using a global network of volunteer effort, and the collective skills of experts in healthcare, CardioStart International provides free heart surgery and associated medical care to children and adults living in underserved regions of the world, irrespective of political position or religious creed.


The example of "Teaching them to fish".

CardioStart has evolved into three specialist areas of concern.

1.  Cardiac Surgery Program:    Our original focus on cardiac surgery and cardiology has led to developing programs in all areas of the world. Side by side educational opportunities for host countries will eventually lead them to continue the programs on their own.

2.  The Outreach Program provides screening, education and treatment for heart disease.   

3.  Our container shipment program delivers donated medical supplies and equipment from our Tampa, FL headquarters and Portland OR warehouses to the countries in which we conduct our medical assistance missions.

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