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This year, Access Press celebrates 30 years of providing disability-focused news and information for Minnesota's disability community. Established by Charlie Smith in 1990, Access Press is Minnesota’s primary source of news, information and resources for people with disabilities (physical, sensory, emotional and cognitive). Smith himself was quadriplegic.

Access Press is seeking 30 donors to give $30 or more this year on Give to the Max Day.  These donations will help recognize the 30th anniversary of Access Press, and will help make the newspaper more available to more people.

One in five of us will develop a disability during our lifetime. All of us have friends or family members with disabilities. Access Press helps  people with disabilities, their families and friends navigate what can be a complex and confusing time.

We are produced by people with disabilities, and are governed by a board of directors representing Minnesota's disability community. We're one of a few multi-disability-focused publications in the United States.

Minnesota policy makers rely on Access Press to find out what issues are important to our community. Service providers use Access Press to reach community members.

We share a wide range of voices, as well as important information our community needs. We as people with disabilities want to live our best lives. We cannot do it without the information provided by Access Press in our print pages, on our web site and through our social media.

We focus on issues, accomplishments and needs in a way that treats people with disabilities with respect and dignity.  We don't do the typical journalism that is patronizing or focused on pity.

We enjoy strong community support, and we are changing to adjust to a shifting media landscape. In 2021 we'll be going from a largely print product to more online offerings. We seek support to continue operations during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to make these changes so we can publish for another 30 years.

We are seeking funding to support continued operations. Here are some focused needs.

  • $30 pays for a one-year subscription for a reader who cannot otherwise afford our print edition. While much news is online, Access Press still has many readers who rely on a print newspaper. A donation of $30 per year helps those readers get the paper delivered to their homes.
  • $60 pays for an organization or group to be listed in our Directory of Organizations, or DOO. The DOO is printed four times a year and is online 24/7, providing access to key resources for people with disabilities.
  • $150 covers the cost of mailing our newspapers to Greater Minnesota news stands for a month.
  • $250 covers the cost of maintaining a Twin Cities area news stand for one year.
  • $500 allows us to buy office supplies for one year.
  • $1,000 allows us to hire freelance writers and photographers for a year.

Thank you for supporting quality, disability-focused journalism. Thank you for supporting Access Press!

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