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Absolute Theatre is looking for its forever home!

After five years and four spaces, Absolute Theatre is looking want a place of its own and we need lots of help!

Brought together by a common desire to create and share theatre which transcends expectations, Absolute Theatre formed in the Spring of 2016.  As a directing and producing team, our involvement in hundreds of shows at dozens of theatres led ud together with a specific focus on improving our craft.  The definition of absolute guides our work: "existing independently, not qualified or diminished in any way; total, pure. " 

Now, in our fifth season, we are still working to find and fund a personal space where we can permanently hang our hat. A place where we can audition, rehearse, create and perform our works. It is our desire for the theatre to outgrow us and become something bigger than ourselves that will make the Rochester community proud. A place where artists, actors, designers can make a living doing what they love and do best.  Please consider giving. No gift is too small nor too large. Your donations make a difference in the quality of art we create.

Collaboration is a huge part of who we are. Even though we love performing at the Castle Community and collaborating with great artists like Threshold Arts. We still have to live out of a truck or two and garages. We started at church performing weekends but cleaning up between shows for church services. Now, five years later we find we are doing that for a church at The Castle. We're ready for more...

We want to expand beyond lightweights sets and shared light plots. We'd love to pack up our pipe and drape and have real theatrical curtains that are rigged to hang the way they do in thousands of theatres across the country. We'd love to see our acting company putting on make up in a green room as opposed to in front of mirrors in a public bathroom moments before the audience arrives. But Rochester real estate is expensive and we need your help by contributing generously to Absolute's Forever Home Fund.

Help Absolute create a home for artists in the Rochester area, a place to create, a place to learn and place where audiences can escape for a few hours each visit.

Please donate to Absolute Theatre!

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