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Women's Prison Book Project
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Donate and help us send messages of care & connection to incarcerated readers this Valentine's Day.


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Each year WPBP volunteers send messages of care and connection to incarcerated women, trans, and nonbinary readers across the country. And each year, we get letters back from them, expressing gratitude knowing that someone on the outside was thinking of them. Donate now to help sustain our Valentine's Day letter-writing campaign, and ensure we can continue to send messages of care and community beyond bars.

This year, we are hoping to send 2,600 people valentines, but each letter adds up. Your donation helps cover the cost of stamps and materials. Holidays can be challenging for people who are incarcerated, and the majority of people in prison receive few or no visitors during their sentence. A message of care can help break through the isolation.

Each volunteer package we assemble contains 20 letters and stamps, costing about $15. And we are planning to assemble more than 100. Chip in to help cover the cost, every donation helps!

"Thank you for the Valentine's Day card! It brought some light & sunshine into my life during a period of mourning...I am mourning my father's sudden & unexpected passing. I'm getting through it as best I can, and hanging on to every ray of light that pierces the darkness, like the card you sent."

-Lilly, Texas

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